Heavyweight champ! Kate Winslet just won a settlement for around $40,000 from The UK's Daily Mail for reporting that she had lied about her exercise routine. The pro-curves actress didn't break a sweat over suing to set the record straight. The Daily Beast.

Meow! Our kind of First Lady is not afraid to take fashion risks. We love this belt Michelle wore to kick off a new mentoring group she has created created for teens girls in the Washington area who will gather at the at the White House on a monthly basis. The Cut alluded to the fact that MObama may be too "on trend", but when you are addressing a bunch of Gossip Girl fans we're not sure you can be.


Double Meow! Lady Gaga has been spotted at fashion shows and rumors are circulating about her desire to start her own line, but yesterday the buzz was about her first foray as a fashion model. Fashionista reports the Daily Mail leaked photos of her posing as Hello Kitty to celebrate the Sanrio siren's 35th Birthday. The images will be featured on Gaga's album The Fame and in a blending of cult-figure meets full-on fetish: a lock of Lady Gaga's hair will be sold with a limited edition box sets. Can a Marc Jacobs ad be far behind?


Lady Gaga

The Moment reports on Jonathan Zawada's blog** Fashematics where he tracks the possible inspiration for some of the season's best looks. These equations are so fun we want to ask him to do more for extra credit.