What: The Cinema Society's premiere of The Host, the latest science fiction flick from Twilight creator, Stephanie Meyer.

When: Wednesday, March 27th

Who: Cast members Saoirse Ronan (who looked appropriately otherworldly in a Technicolor aquatic-print Proenza Schouler frock), Max Irons, and Diane Kruger were on hand to celebrate. "I am a big big Sci-Fi fan," Kruger confessed. "I have definitely walked the halls of Comic Con in a Darth Vader mask."

Where: Tribeca Grand hotel's cozy screening room, where Olivier Theyksens and model Jamie Bouchert chatted with friends before taking their seats. Post-screening, the group migrated to The Jimmy on the rooftop of the James Hotel.

Why: The film certainly begs comparisons to Meyer's epic trilogy. "It is similar to Twilight in that it deals with complicated love—almost forbidden love—and people's wants and desires being pushed and pulled from them," explained Ronan. "There's always a problem—it's never simple!" When vampires and aliens are involved, that certainly rings true.

Photos: Patrick McMullan