The Irishman Trailer: Your First Look at Martin Scorsese’s 3.5 Hour Movie

The filmmaker has shortened The Irishman ever so slightly.

Niko Tavernise / NETFLIX

There’s been a lot of talk about The Irishman ever since photographs of Robert De Niro wearing those platform shoes started going around, and word that musician Action Bronson had made his way into a Martin Scorsese film that also marked the first collaboration between the filmmaker and Al Pacino began to circulate too.

When the film’s first teaser featured a de-aged De Niro, and a handful of the usual subjects (Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel), Scorsese fanboys were over the moon about The Irishman‘s New York Film Festival debut and its eventual release on Netflix.

Now the official trailer for the film has finally dropped, after it was introduced by De Niro on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. It features a little more Pesci and Keitel than the first teaser, much more Ray Romano, more clips of De Niro (who plays Frank Sheeran, a labor union official who covertly worked for the Bufalino crime family) cracking skulls, and an attempt on elusive mob boss Jimmy Hoffa’s life in a courtroom (to which he gives the sage advice of jumping someone with a gun but running away if they brandish a knife).

But just before the film had its world premiere, and before the actual trailer had even premiered (that first one was just a teaser), it became very clear that viewers were antsy about having to sit through a 210-minute-long movie. On one hand, some chastised viewers for having short attention spans, and on the other, some people just didn’t want to stare at a screen for three-and-a-half hours. Well, Scorsese heard your prayers, and he answered: the film’s runtime has now been cut down.

That’s right, the director shaved a single minute off that original runtime that caused such a fuss and the film now clocks in at a smooth 209 minutes.

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