Liv Tyler, Georgina Chapman, and Topaz Page-Green

Liv Tyler, Georgina Chapman, and Topaz Page-Green. Photo by

What: The Lunchbox Fund’s 10th anniversary benefit dinner hosted by Prada and The Lunchbox Founder and Executive Director Topaz Page-Green.

When: Monday, October 26th

Where: Gabriel Kreuther in New York.

Who: Page-Green was joined by co-chairs artist Jordan Wolfson and Liv Tyler as well as a star-studded cast of donors including Sting, Spike Jonze, Olivia Wilde, and Mickey Sumner.

Why: Nothing is more satisfying than raising money for a good cause—especially when it comes with a dinner by one of the most sought out chefs in the city. An annual favorite, the food-centric gala left everyone feeling fulfilled without the guilt.