The Mercantile

Photo courtesy of The Mercantile.

While most vintage sellers rely on brand names to move merch, The Mercantile—a new online shopping destination founded by Paris Mitchell and Georgia Cherrie—focuses more on aesthetics. “We wanted to create more than just an online store, but rather a curated guide to life,” says Cherrie. “We focus on creating a style that is editorially driven and uniquely ours.” Here, she opens up founding the site, the women who inspire then, and more.

Where are you both from?
We are from New Zealand, however we have been travelling since we were young. Paris lived in New York working for Vogue abd building her freelance styling portfolio, while I lived in Barcelona studying fashion marketing at the European Institute of Design.

What drew you to vintage? Paris's mum has always been a big inspiration to us. Even when we were young we would find ourselves looking through her vintage pieces and wanting to wear them all. Vintage is often just so much better than anything you will find new, because of the artisanship behind the garments and the details. Nothing beats a good vintage find. It becomes so uniquely yours.

Where do you find your clothes?
We are currently sourcing from Los Angeles and looking into other places. Paris and Berlin are next on our list.

What inspires you?
Amazing ladies like Patti Smith and Peggy Guggenheim.

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