The Monsters of Paris Fashion Week: Even in a recession some designers refuse to play it safe -- and God bless 'em. Here, a slideshow of some of the wildest creatures on the runways, from avant-garde stalwarts Comme des Garcons, Martin Margiela and more. (FabSugar)

The Michelle Obama-matic: Huffington Post has compiled all the major Michelle Obama magazine covers in one go, and invited users to vote for their favorite. And right now, Ebony is edging out Vogue!!! (Huff Po)

The Case Against Jumpsuits:
Footage from Running in Heels (does anybody actually watch that show?), and a page from In Touch, highlighting the "wrinkled crotch" of jumpsuit-victim SJP. (Jezebel)

Just What We've Been Wondering: That shaved blonde head has been popping up on both sides of the Atlantic -- anywhere Kanye goes, she goes too. So who is this Amber Rose? (The Cut)

We'll Miss You, Billionaires
: Last year the world had 1,125 billionaires. Today there (sniff) are 793. (Forbes)