If, like us, you live for The Real Housewives of New York City, you will dig David Gilmore's blog (complete with Ramona, LuAnn, Bethenny inspired artwork), Pretty on the Outside.

"Glamorous Grandma" Nancy Pelosi turns 69 today. And according to this reporter, all anyone wants to talk about is who did her amazing plastic surgery. (Daily Beast)

Martha Stewart wants us to know that her beloved horse, Martyn, "loves a good massage," and gets one daily. (The Martha Blog)

Johnny Wright, Michelle Obama's hairstylist, remains very discreet, even after the reporter buys him a martini. (Washington Post)

Lily Allen has a controversial new rounded bob. (Bella Sugar UK)

The Slumdog Millionaire kids are so cute they kill us (Huff Po)

Mariah Carey wants David Saperstein's $125 million mansion and an all-pink nursery. (Celebitchy)

Our friend Francesca, who blogs at Motherblogger, alerted us to this poster. We are ordering one right now!