This Week’s Model: Lyndsey Scott

Lyndsey Scott likes to take matters into her own hands. Case in point: rather than waiting to be discovered, the 19-year-old from West Orange, New Jersey, posted her own picture on before she...


What made you post your picture on At first I was interested in acting, but people kept suggesting that I try modeling. So posted my picture, but then kind of forgot about it. It was there for maybe 6 months when Click contacted me.

What were your thoughts on modeling before you became a model? I mean, I would look at magazines and see these beautiful models and of course, like every little girl I fantasized about it, but I never really seriously thought about doing it.

What was it like to land the Calvin Klein fall 2009 exclusive? When I found out, I didn’t sleep for 2 days! It was unbelievable. I had to pinch myself every day for months after that because it was so unreal.

Tell us about the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. It’s not the typical runway show. It’s fun to be able to smile and interact with the audience. At other shows you don’t want to distract from the clothing, but with the Victoria’s Secret show, it’s ok to be a tiny bit more over the top. I mean, you’re wearing a train full of balloons.

Was it hard to channel “very sexy”? I’m pretty curvy for a skinny girl and I’ve been told that I have a lingerie body, so it wasn’t too difficult.

What was your favorite picture of yourself in the Craig McDean spread? Oh, definitely the YSL.

What do like to do in your spare time? I read and watch movies from Netflix. I’m just finishing up Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace.

What is something that people wouldn’t know about you? I’ve done martial arts since I was nine and have a black belt in tae kwon do.

Most of the New York-based models seem to live in downtown Manhattan or Williamsburg. But you live on Roosevelt Island, right? Well, my apartment’s bigger for less money, and it’s a nice little community. I do community service and teach theatre classes to local kids when I’m not traveling.

Tell us about your dating life. Ha ha, I haven’t really been doing much dating because I travel so much, but I’m ok being single. I do get approached a lot in New York, but not in London. They’re not as aggressive there as they are here. I kind of appreciate that.

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Photos: runways, WWD staff; editorial, “Run of Show”, Craig McDean