This Week’s Model: Heidi Mount

When it comes to fashion fairy godmothers, a girl couldn’t ask for anyone better than Karl Lagerfeld. Just ask Heidi Mount. The long and lanky chameleon began modeling in 2003, but it wasn’t until the...


What’s it like working with Karl Lagerfeld? I would consider him a friend. He definitely gives me advice—like, if I suggest something about work, he’ll tell me whether he agrees with it or not. As for life, he’s done a lot and been through a lot, so he gives me tidbits on friends, what kind of people should be in your life and what to do with yourself. My favorite is when he has told me about people he trusted and whether that it turned out good or bad.

From left, Hermes spring 2010; backstage at Carolina Herrera spring 2010

You live in the East Village—what are your neighborhood hangouts? Right now, I like this Mexican restaurant called San Loco that’s a little hole in the wall. There’s a couple of them in the city, but I go to the one right by Thompson Square Park. I also go to Café Pick Me Up a lot. They have a really good vegetable pizza.

From left, Yves Saint Laurent spring 2010; John Galliano spring 2010

You have a bike, right? I was really anti-bike for a long time but my husband talked me into getting him a bike. Then when he got one, I wanted to ride too. I don’t like to ride through the city because that makes me nervous, but I go to East End Park and other places.

You’ve got almost 2,000 followers on Twitter. How did you get hooked? I started in August because I had a Facebook account that I opened so my family and friends back home could see pictures of my son, but then I started getting all these requests from people I didn’t know, and I just couldn’t reject anyone. So I messaged all those people and told them that I didn’t want to be rude and that I was getting on Twitter. This way I pick and choose what I want people to know.

Tell us how you spend your free time. I have such a TV problem. I really like Desperate Housewives and Dexter right now. I’m also trying to get everyone to watch Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel. It reminds me a bit of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in a cab. I love when he picks up drunk people in the middle of the night. It’s hysterical. I love to watch some Maury and to dance to Britney Spears while I’m cleaning.

Any other hobbies? I’ve also started knitting recently. I’m a very fidgety person, so I always have to have do something with my hands. I just taught myself from a book, and I feel like I’ve picked up pretty quickly. During the shows, I was handing scarves out to everyone because I had too many! I’m working on a dress right now that I’m enjoying.

Could this be the beginning of your own fashion line? Oh no, no, no!

What are you other career plans then? I try not to think about it too much, but one thing I’d really like to try to be an aesthetician. I’m a zit popper and I enjoy it, so I’ve looked into it.

Really? I do it on my husband all the time.

Photos: WWD staff

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