This Week’s Model: Kendra Spears

With her all-American good looks and bombshell body (not to mention that perfectly placed mole), it’s no wonder that Kendra Spears, 21 (seen here in Calvin Klein's summer 2009 campaign), has been drawing comparisons...


What is it like being known as “Little Cindy?” I’m very happy to be compared to such a great model. I’m just waiting for my Pepsi contract!

What do you think is your best physical attribute? I think my favorite are my teeth…ahhheem, Crest!

What was the highlight of the spring 2010 collections for you? Honestly, it was just a miracle to be able to work it out with school. But in a way, all the traveling I do actually forces me to study.

Did you have any embarrassing moments during the season? Well, during a hurried interview backstage an investigatory journalist asked me what I liked to do when I was at home and I said, “nothing too commotious.” Afterwards, I realized commotious isn’t even a word. I couldn’t stop laughing at myself.

What would you be doing if you weren’t modeling? Racking up student loans and waiting on tables.

Did you have any interesting jobs growing up? I worked part time as an assistant to the owner of a company called LiftPort which was (and may still be) in the forefront of technologies, mostly carbon nanotubes, to build an elevator into space.

Did you have any other career aspirations, asides from modeling? I wanted to be a neurosurgeon. I thought I could stomach being around guts all day, but I’ve gotten to know myself a little better.

Where do you like to hang out in Seattle? Gasworks is an old gas plant on Lake Union that has been converted into a park. It has a great view of downtown and the lake. When I’m in Seattle, I just try to keep it low key in contrast to my work weekends, which include a lot of commuting, so I’m mostly hanging out with my family and boyfriend.

How did you meet your boyfriend? We were both doing a month long tour of the Amazon in ’69 and….I wish! We met through a mutual friend.

Do people in school recognize you from the runway? No one here ever has—I’ll have a pretty good laugh if that happens.

What are your hidden talents? I love piano and crochet. I started taking piano lessons in fourth grade because I wanted to be able to jam with my very musically talented family. As for crocheting, my mom kinda encouraged it because I was always breaking remotes and clicking pens from lack of anything better to do with my hands.

What did you dress up as for Halloween? A slutty…. just kidding. I just handed out candy with my Dad.

Photos: WWD staff