[#image: /photos/58538e129c190ec57ac08a32]||||||A darling of Hollywood and the art world alike, photographer
Tierney Gearon attracted a glittery turnout at the opening of her latest show, Explosure, in Beverly Hills.
Rosanna Arquette was one of the first to arrive at the Ace Gallery, which was set up to resemble a sprawling living room (complete with a live sitar performance). "I was one of Tierney's first subjects years ago," boasted the actress. "It was clear to me then just how great her work really is."

As the room filled,
Kirsty Hume stuck close to husband
Donovan Leitch while newly single
Shiva Rose made it a girls' night out, arriving arm-in-arm with L.A. nightlife impresario
Amanda Demme. Other celebs checking out the work included
Tracey Ullman,
Rosario Dawson,
Peter Guber and
Ben Stiller. Among the collectors in attendance were ICM's
Jeff Berg and his wife and New York social
Sandy Hill, who made a trip down from her Santa Ynez Valley ranch for the opening.

[#image: /photos/58538e1257dfc3b0230f820e]||||||Left: Tracey Ullman and Rosanna Arquette. Right: Ben Stiller

When asked whether her Hollywood following has influenced her work, Gearon, a regular contributor to W, sounded mildly alarmed. "Oh god, no! Not at all." she exclaimed. " I mean, it's not about that. If anything it's about hope and bringing two contrasting things together like I do in these photographs."

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Photos: Amy Graves