For several seasons, Tucker designer Gaby Basora has used seasonal videos to complement to the standard lookbook/runway image combo. “I see in colors, textures, in smells, in films, and memories,” Basora explains. “So for me, it’s a way to add all those elements.” Her film for spring 2013, a collaboration with director Aaron Rose, features BMX-riding sisters Jade and Hazel Altheide tooling around Jemez, New Mexico in pieces from the collection set to Cat Power’s “Nothin’ But Time.”

Tucker's Spring 2013 Collection video

There’s a raw beauty to the video, apparent in blue skies and terracotta dirt hills that serve as a backdrop to the fresh-faced, carefree Altheide sisters and their bikes, helmets, and heels. “They’re just totally fearless,” Basora says of Jade and Hazel. “It’s mad respect for that courage and enthusiasm and optimism about life. “

That fearlessness extends to the Tucker woman: just as Jade whips around a raceway in a printed wrap dress and pants (look #2 from the collection), it’s easy to imagine Basora’s urban customer biking up the West Side Highway to work in that same outfit.

But Basora wasn’t just thinking about her collection when she set out to make this video. She also sees the film as a commemoration of the lives of three sisters (who were also friends of her family) who made headlines after they were killed in a house fire last Christmas. “I really identify with the sisters,” she says, explaining that she is also one of four. “This video was an incredible opportunity to pay tribute to that bond and hope that in the beauty of the film their memory lives on.”