[#image: /photos/5853a027c7188f9b26c93485]||||||Madonna does have moments of self-doubt! In a new interview, Madge explains why she considers herself "boring" compared to her 13-year old daughter Lola. "She reminds me of me when I was younger. She just goes for it and tries different things ... That is how I used to be, but after years and years of everybody commenting on the way I look and dress and being photographed, one starts to become self-conscious..." The Associated Press

Fashion blogger Karla Derass of Karla's Closet reveals how she affords the designer clothes she models on her blog and who she won't let photograph her. Fashion Indie

You be the judge. While CFDA nominee Alexander Wang waits to hear if he'll be named this year's Womenswear Designer of the Year, the verdict is pretty clear as to whether or not someone ripped off his Rocco duffel. Fashionista

Which six fashion designers does Imran Amed, strategic consultant to some of fashion's most exclusive luxury brands, predict will be big? Very big. The Cut

Which fresh-faced models made's list of Top 10 Newcomers as well as ours?
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