Double Vision: Mirabelle Marden & Brice Marden

For these twosomes, style is a joint effort. Meet three fashionably dynamic duos.


Artist Brice Marden has, for most of his life, sported the same unassuming uniform: black Levi’s jeans, a well-worn cashmere sweater, a Swatch watch, and some sort of a hat. His one sartorial indulgence: “I like expensive shoes,” he says, gesturing to his Jil Sander lace-ups. As his daughter Mirabelle, a photographer, points out, “The last time he wore a tie was to his goddaughter’s christening in the Seventies.” Not that she finds any fault with his style. Despite her affinity for Isabel Marant, Céline, and stacks of silver cuffs collected from all over the world, Mirabelle admits that she has been dressing a lot like her father lately, regularly borrowing his old Borsalino fedoras and Adam Kimmel overcoat. “All my fashion icons are men,” she explains. “Surfers, cowboys, artists— anyone who lives outside the norm always seems to dress better.”