UnReal Season 3 Trailer Shakes Things Up After Two Year Hiatus

Including a crime against a man bun.

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Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Lifetime

It’s been two years since UnReal was wracking our brains with Rachel and Quinn’s questionable antics in the name of good reality television, but it won’t be much longer until the characters back at it. That’s because today brings the first trailer for the third season and, with it, the premiere date. The Lifetime show will be debuting February 26 and, as the first glimpse of it shows, it will be no less drama-packed than the previous seasons.

This time, however, there’s a twist: Everlasting — the fictional Bachelor-esque series the show sharply satires — will be centered around its first-ever female suitor. The problem? The “suitress” — as the trailer touts — is apparently too intelligent to be manipulated. A problem that is only a problem within the biting universe of UnReal. “She’s smart. We can’t handle her the same way,” says Rachel, referring to Caitlin, a blonde woman who tells the room full of her wooers “From this moment forward, the only rules are the rules that I make.”

As UnReal has riffed on The Bachelor throughout its run, it seems likely that the third season will be playing off of the most recent season of The Bachelorette. Recall the one that just wrapped where real-life attorney Rachel Lindsay — who was also the show’s first black Bachelorette (a move UnReal beat the actual series to in the second season, albeit with a man) — ended up getting engaged to one of the suitors.

Caitlin’s wit isn’t the only hurdle Rachel and Quinn have to deal with, though, played, respectively, by Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer — who both direct this season, with the latter making her directorial debut. “We have a problem,” Rachel tells Quinn in the trailer, lifting up a man bun that has been severed from someone’s head. “Someone cut it off while he was sleeping.” “That is television gold,” Quinn says. Aside from the case of the cut off man bun, there is also a fight that breaks out and, most notably, the return of the former suitor and Rachel’s former love interest Adam. With all of that getting glossed over in the one-minute trailer, imagine just how eventful the show will be when it premieres next year.

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