Have you been feeling anxious and confused? So have the Dutch designers behind Viktor & Rolf—to the point that they made an “Anxiety Wardrobe” and “Confusion Wardrobe” for fall 2020 couture. On Wednesday, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeron debuted the collection in a campy, social distancing-friendly video narrated by the singer Mika. And unlike the traditional salon-style couture shows of yore that inspired them, there’s a good chance it’ll make you laugh. 

Each of the three mini-wardrobes—themed love, confusion, and anxiety—is comprised of a nightgown, a dressing gown, and a coat. In the confusion portion, the latter is covered in spikes. “There's a lot to feel angry about, and this garment will communicate exactly that,” Mika says.

A Viktor & Rolf model
Marijke Aerden

As for the confusion portion’s massive, asymmetrical nightgown: “Its shell of bows endeavors to soften the impact of muffled horror.” Completing the “manic mini-wardrobe” is an even more gigantic coat: “Its generous A-line volume guarantees you will remain in your own safe zone while venturing out into the world.”

Other standouts include a “one-of-a-kind bathrobe” to rival Palomo Spain’s, a rain cloud-covered negligee, and “the smartest new accessory of the season,” aka a face mask. But once again, the real crowd pleaser is a nod to the Internet age. Having already made memes into couture, this time, Horsting and Snoeron turned to emojis. “Confusion already reigns in the shoulder line of this nightgown,” Mika says as the model twirls, showing off the full range of emotions, fit for couture in satin and lace.

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