Vittoria Ceretti Is Always On the Hunt For the Perfect Moisturizer

The model and face of Bottega Veneta Illusione for Her shares her beauty secrets.


Italian model Vittoria Ceretti has one the most sought-after faces in fashion—and it’s easy to see why. The 21 year-old has piercing eyes, lush hair, and angles for days. And even when she’s not booked, she’s busy. “I have a few days off, but whenever I come home, I have so much to do, ” she said, on the phone from Milan. Among the items on her list: celebrating her new campaign for Bottega Veneta Illusione, the brand’s first fragrance pillar to launch both women’s and men’s versions simultaneously. Here, Ceretti fills us in on the project and spills some of her beauty secrets.

What was it like shooting this campaign?

It was really fun. The team was amazing, and it didn’t feel like we were working, really. It felt like we were on a holiday for a couple of days. It was very, very chill.

How often do you wear fragrance yourself?

Every single day. I never leave my house without wearing some sort of fragrance. I started a couple of years ago when I found one that I really liked. Then I couldn’t live without it.

What attracts you to a particular scent?

You know when you smell something that really reminds you of a person or a place or a comfortable feeling? I love when a scent is like that.

How often do you change up your perfume?

Not so often. When I find the one that I love, I really stick to it.

What is your go-to beauty routine in the morning?

When I wake up, I wash my face. I used to use so many makeup removers and cleansers, but I recently started using just water. I’ll also often do face masks in the morning, because they feel so nice. I used to use sheet masks, until I found out that they don’t do much. After that, I went straight to the beauty store and bought a hundred thousand other face masks. I try different ones all the time, just for fun.

What beauty products do you carry around with you during the day?

Lip balm. I don’t even know if you can consider that a beauty product, but I cannot live without lip balm. It’s something that you’ll find all over my apartment, too, in different spots. My favorite is Aquaphor. It’s super basic, but it’s easy and you can travel with it. I buy it in big sizes, too, so you can have some by your bed. It never finishes, but I keep buying them.

What is your nighttime beauty routine?

I’ll wash my face with a cleanser. I keep switching that up, because I still haven’t found one that I really like that can moisturize and clean at the same time. I try to give my face a little massage if I feel like I look really tired. Then I brush my teeth, and that’s it.

Do you get beauty treatments often?

I started getting facials a few years ago, and I do it still, but I not super often. If there is a really good facialist in Paris and I’m there, obviously I’ll do it. But I know people who do it every month—I’ll do it once every couple of months.

Are there any treatments that you are afraid to try?

All the treatments that would change my face dramatically. I don’t think I’m ever going to try them. Or, not until I really need them. [Laughs].

What beauty product do you spend the most money on?

Moisturizers. I’m always looking for the perfect one.

What’s the best trick that you’ve picked up on set?

Learning how to put lipstick on properly, starting with a lip pencil and contouring your lips. Then you put lipstick on top. If you do that, then the shape is perfect and the color will stay.

What is the weirdest beauty look you’ve ever had to model?

Oh god, so many things. They’ve only done my makeup on one eye. Bleaching my eyebrows, I don’t even know if you could consider that weird now, but the first time they did it, I didn’t know it was a thing that existed. But it’s always fun.

What is your go-to look for a night out?

I don’t really wear much makeup. Concealer, definitely, and then I’ll curl my lashes and put some mascara on, brush my eyebrows, and that’s all. Maybe a little lipgloss if I feel like overdoing it.

Are there any beauty trends that you regret?

I had really, really thin eyebrows at one point in my life, when I was about twelve, and I really regret that. I’m very glad they grew back. I’m very lucky. If they were still like that now… I don’t know what I’d do.