[#image: /photos/5853880fd3b7a5db18f3b696]||||||One too many unexpected Gotham downpours sent Elisa Dahan packing—literally. The Montreal-based co-designer of Mackage was so over being drenched as she ran around New York on appointments that she up and conjured some shockingly un-Mumsy portable raingear. "Packables already exist," Dahan says, "but they aren't something you'd actually want to wear."

Aah, but the full-length "Shiloh" ($275, shown here) and the cropped, motorcycle-y "Doddy" ($220) most certainly are, especially before the real cold sets in. Lightweight, water-resistant and equipped with hoods and toss-in-your-bag zipper pouches, they're cut as lean as the rest of the silhouettes in the nine-year-old outerwear range. "This line is for a body-conscious person who wants to look sexy even though she's covered up," says Dahan. "We want you to be proud, not feel like the first thing you want to do is hit the coat-check."