Wedding Bell Blues

Aquamarine and cerulean trinkets are fortuitous nuptial accents.


As bridal rites go, “something blue” is tried and true, but it needn’t be a cliché of the garter belt or embroidered hankie ilk. Precious gems and exquisite objets offer an unconventional, not to mention upscale, take on the custom. Consider Stephen Russell’s giant aquamarine traced in diamonds. It hits all the right blue notes when worn as an alternative to the classic diamond engagement ring. Lorraine Schwartz’s Art Deco–ish earrings, worked with diamonds and jade in an unusual shade of blue-lavender, will jazz up any bridal ensemble. And while Fred Leighton’s gold and enamel case, with its Asian-style birds of paradise scene and cerulean backdrop, isn’t wearable, it’s an exotic trinket to have and to hold.