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Now that's groovy! The Obamas hire Simon Doonan to create the White House public holiday displays. Fashionista via NYT

Solange Magnano, A 38-year-old former Miss Argentina and a mother of twins died from complications after undergoing gluteoplasty, cosmetic surgery on her buttocks. The procedure involved injections and the liquid traveled to her lungs and brain causing a pulmonary embolism. Close friend Roberto Piazza said, "A woman who had everything lost her life to have a slightly firmer behind." Huffington Post

If you've been dazzled or dismayed by Rihanna's fetish for spikes read this open letter that urges her to consider safer ensembles. One insightful commenter wonders if her prickly fashion may actually be a form of self-preservation after her ordeal with Brown. The Cut

P. Diddy's Blow out sale. Last night P. Diddy debuted his fragrance line on HSN at 11pm. By 11:16 all 5,600 P. Diddy fragrance products, costing around $60 each were sold out. The Cut

Viva Gourmet! The magazine lives on online at Gourmet, Unbound. We love the plucky tagline: They can kick us out of their offices but they can't kick us out of our kitchen. Reinvention is a holiday miracle. Eater

Nightmare before Christmas? MoMA's Tim Burton's exhibition is a holiday weekend crowd scene. artfagcity