[#image: /photos/5853a420d3b7a5db18f3bf73]||||||$30,400 and an exclusive invite is all you need to hang out with Barack Obama and Anna Wintour--the Vogue Editor-in-Chief will host 50 of her powerful friends at a DNC fundraising dinner tonight. The Wall Street Journal

In other Democrat news, it looks like Chelsea will be wearing Vera at her upcoming nuptials. WWD

Republican Senator Scott Brown, who once posed nude in a centerfold for Cosmopolitan, won't be modeling again anytime soon. The handsome lawmaker refused to participate in a photo shoot for The Hill's recent 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill list. The Washington Post

One hot staffer who did participate may have gotten posing advice from a Hollywood starlet--Ben Dunham, a New Jersey senator's legislative assistant, was linked to Mad Men fashionista January Jones this past Fall. Politico

First Lady of France Carla Bruni was spotted on-set with Owen Wilson and Woody Allen filming scenes for the director's new project, Midnight in Paris yesterday. This is the former supermodel's first foray into acting. Huffington Post

And finally, you've seen what a group of wealthy housewives can do to a state's reputation when the cameras are turned on them. Find out if Washington is strong enough to take on The Real Housewives of D.C., when the show premieres next week. Bravo