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We're sooooo not competitive with each other (really, it's hugs and air-kisses 24/7 around here), but on water-logged Wednesday we seemed to be dividing squarely into two camps: the Hunters versus the Aigles. Weighing in for Hunters were Jenny Comita, Jane Larkworthy and Whitney Beckett, our WWD comrade across the hall, who was sporting a jaunty purple-y pair. Team Aigle included Treena Lombardo and Yours Truly. Of course there were a few renegades in the bunch, like Sarah Haight in L.L. Bean and Venessa Lau, whose teal Marc by Marc Jacobs rain boots feature not only a kicky tie front, but a chic bit of heel as well (not that she needs the height...). And while Sarah Taylor spied a killer pair at the Loeffler Randall fall press preview that she can't wait to get her mitts on, another editor, who shall remain nameless, was so shamed by her Hello Kitty-esque puddle-jumpers that she refused to take them out of their hiding place under her desk. OK, so maybe I lied about the not-competitive bit—Carolyn Tate Angel and Bobbi Queen were both trotting around in the super-spendy, ultra-covetable Le Chameau numbers. With handy side zips and leather linings, they're definitely the Ferraris of Wellies.

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