In honor of W’s two newest interns—Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf and Dan Humphrey—we asked Associate Market Editor Garrett Munce to shed some light on the dos and don’ts of intern attire. To see how our newest additions fare in the fashion closet and for a peek at the W offices, check out the new episode on the CW tonight, 9/8c.

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Girls aren’t the only ones who need to navigate the minefield of appropriate intern attire. There are plenty of male interns who need help figuring out what to wear, especially to a fashion internship. Here are my tips for a flawless fashion closet look:

  1. A sleek leather jacket is a great alternative to a blazer, and layering is essential when you’re running all around the city.
  1. Chances are you won’t need to wear a suit or jacket every day, so a cardigan or light knit is great for adding a bit of refinement. Plus, it helps with the frigid temperatures inside most offices.
  1. Plaid button down shirts are extremely versatile. They look great with or without ties and are perfect for adding depth to layered looks.
  1. Corduroys or chinos can be a great alternative to jeans if you want to dress up your look. Opt for a style like these that are cut like jeans for more comfort.
  1. When it comes to footwear, comfort is key — you’re on your feet all day. Desert boots are great because they’re often as comfortable as sneakers.

Fashion is all about your look—but if you go overboard, what you’re wearing can overshadow your work. It’s usually good to avoid:

—Tank tops, deep-v t-shirts and short shorts: This is not a day at the beach. If it’s that hot, wear a polo.

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—Heavy jewelry: While it’s definitely a statement, wearing a lot of jewelry can pose a hazard when you’re moving racks, packing trunks and carrying garment bags around the city.

—Open-toed shoes: Take it from me it really hurts to get your toes run over by a trunk.

—Really tight jeans: Interns’ outfits should be a balance between style and comfort. You should be able to sit down in your jeans.