What Eddie wants

With the holidays here, we're asking W editors to share what's on their wish list. Here's what Group Design Director Edward Leida is dreaming of this year. Wim Crouwel's out-of-print book, Mode En Module. Designer...


Designer Wim Crowel has been an incredible source of inspiration to me over the years and this 1997 book (above left) is the most excellent collection of the Dutch designer’s work that I have ever seen. It’s out of print but there’s one used copy on Amazon for $1,968.76. Not exactly affordable. So I suppose I’d settle for this more readily available hardcover: Real Dutch Design 0607: Graphic Design/ Illustration, at Amazon for $80 (above right).

This was the first year this size engine was made. I don’t want to ride it, I would just want to display it like a piece of sculpture because it truly is a work of art.

I’ve been thinking about getting a dog for a little over two years now and I’m beginning to feel a bit less guilty about keeping a dog in a Manhattan apartment. The Manchester Terrier has a beautiful black shorthair coat and brown paws—quite elegant and compact, it looks something like a miniature racehorse.

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