On the whole, this was a good year for beauty looks at the Golden Globes. But as always, there were misfires. Since the head-scratchers are always more fun, let's start with those.

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Renee Zellweger: What was with the hair? She looked like Sharon Stone after a long night of binge drinking. Or Gwen Verdon back in the Eighties. As Hal Rubenstein put it last night, she just didn't look happy to be there. Exactly.

Debra Messing: Girl needs to lighten up on the kohl eyeliner.

Drew Barrymore: Holding hands with her new girl crush Jessica Lange, she was as charming as ever. However, even she couldn't pull off the retro combo of blue eye shadow and hairstyle from "The Last Sitting" of Marilyn Monroe.

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Sting: Has he turned into James Gandolfini? Totally unrecognizable. He might need to rethink his new hair colorist. (And what happened to that yoga body?)

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Anne Hathaway: While I think that her amazing porcelain complexion makes Anne a poster child for the benefits of a sun umbrella...would a little blush have been so hard?

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Kate Winslet: A winner on all counts, the actress looked totally divine, with her minimal eye makeup allowing those beautiful red lips their moment.

Maggie Gyllenhaal: No one can wear a red lip better than Maggie. And with her hair up, we were reminded that she's got the best cheekbones in town.

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Anna Paquin: Another favorite of mine last night. With her honey-blonde bun and fresh-faced makeup, she brought to mind Grace Kelly reincarnated. Still, whenever I see her, I can't help but think, "Invisalign... Insalign."

Marisa Tomei: In spite of her Seventies sartorial vibe, she looked ageless. I loved her wavy hair gently pulled back, and if she's done anything to her face, I want the number of her doctor.

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Laura Linney: She had everything right. And that golden gown worked so well with her buttery blonde hair. (Actually, I can't remember the last time I saw so much great hair being worn down. Angelina Jolie, Rachel Griffiths, Slumdog Millionaire's Freida Pinto, Mary-Louise Parker, Blake Lively...)

Evan Rachel Wood: The last time I saw a photo I saw of her, she appeared to have taken a few too many beauty tips from Marilyn Manson. But last night, with that gorgeous red hair set in a bun with just enough height at the crown, she looked, frankly, charming.

Sigourney Weaver: Absolutely loved Sigorney's cut. Very Sally Hershberger.

And a final note: There is way too much body shine going on in Hollywood. From J. Lo to Eva Mendez to Kate Winslet, nary was there a clean, bare clavicle or shoulder blade to be seen. Not everything needs to look like a Mert & Marcus shoot, guys.

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