Chloe Sevigny, Natasha Lyonne

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“One on one love, and it branches out,” said Brie Larson after embracing her Women of Cinefamily co-founder Alia Penner.

It was a womens-only dinner inside The Standard's Alma, where the Oscar winner, along with director Jodi Wille, hosted an intimate gathering to toast the closing night of Women of Cinefamily’s inaugural four-day film festival in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

“Brie and I founded this group really two years ago,” said Penner, who was involved with the nonprofit Cinefamily before starting the subgroup. “We’ve done so many fun screenings, but this weekend brought the most amazing women from all walks of film, talented artists, dancers and musicians.”

“Everything has been incredible,” said actress Sarah Ramos, who starred in and directed the short film "Fluffy" during the festival. “Are we having all of this?” she added, after glancing at the multi-course dinner menu.

“Looks delicious,” said writer Kirsten "Kiwi" Smith as the two sipped rosé together.

Kim Gordon, Kiernan Shipka, Caroline Vreeland, Liz Goldwyn, Rowan Blanchard and Sky Ferreira were some of the ladies who rubbed elbows inside, while Wille, who was on double duty, slipped away to the other side of the hotel to present "We Are Not Alone," her documentary short on the Unarius Academy of Science.

Other programming from the BB Dakota-sponsored weekend included the 1977 horror classic "Suspiria," with actress Jessica Harper (introduced by Rodarte's Kate and Laura Mulleavy) and "The Hunting Ground," a documentary about rape on college campuses--presented by Larson, who won an Oscar this year for her role as a rape survivor in "Room."

"There were so many young girls asking Brie questions about the industry, [like] what they can do to learn to be an actress," said Penner. "And it’s just [about] watching films. Go to the movies, go to these repertoire cinemas and support them, be open to seeing everything.”

Later, dinner guests skipped dessert to catch the final screening of the festival: the premiere of "Antibirth," starring Chloe Sevigny and Natasha Lyonne, and directed by Danny Perez.

“We love women, and we love Cinefamily,” said Lyonne, keeping it short before presenting the kooky film inside the Silent Movie Theatre.

Jeremy Scott stood out in the audience in one of his colorful designs. “I’m here to support great women,” he said. “I heard this is going to be scary. Can’t wait to see...”

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