Great Hera! On Thursday, Wonder Woman had its world premiere at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. Of course, the film's lead actress, W's May cover star Gal Gadot, was in attendance — but she wasn't the only Wonder Woman on the red carpet. Lynda Carter, who starred as Princess Diana of Themyscira in the TV series Wonder Woman in the late 1970s, also made an appearance. The two wonder women — who have met publicly at least once before — had a charming reunion at premiere.

Both women brought their fashion A-game to the event with Gadot emulating some serious Diana Prince vibes in a sparkling red dress from Givenchy's Fall 207 collection, according to People. And Carter donned a classic black pantsuit paired with sparkling purple drop earrings. Gadot and Carter were all smiles on the red carpet, happily posing for the cameras, and even bowing down to each other.

Carter posted on Instagram to commemorate the evening. "Wonderful (see what I did there?) to be with the lovely @gal_gadot at the World Premiere of Wonder Woman!!" she wrote, alongside a pic of the superhero duo.

People spoke with the two actresses at the premiere, where both expressed their excitement for the film. "I think that it's such an amazing opportunity for us to share this character's values and everything that she stands for and just try and inspire little girls and boys and share the message that she has," Gadot said. "It's the most amazing character. It means the world [to play her]."

And Carter seems to have the utmost faith that Gadot is the perfect successor for her iconic role (as do critics). "I'm very excited — I feel like I just passed the baton to the anchor in the relay race in the Olympics," Carter tells People. "I think she's going to do amazing. She's a great girl."

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2. Check out a few photos of Wonder Woman past and present, below.

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Composite. Getty Images, Warner Bros.

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