Before beginning her collection every season, the Paris accessories designer Yaz Bukey imagines a story complete with a cast of characters that will become her inspiration. Her upcoming collaboration with Shu Uemura follows suit. For the playful 32-piece collection, Bukey imagined four girlfriends who fall in love with the same man, Mr. Shu Shu. (“In French, when you have someone you love and prefer, you call them ‘mon chouchou,’” she explains of the sly wordplay.) Each girl has her own sub-collection: “Sexy Yaz,” for example, is glam and gorgeous with pink, purple, and red-hued versions of Uemura’s cult cleansing oil, lipstick, nail polish, eye shadow, and bedazzled false lashes, and is covered in Bukey’s signature eye and lip graphics. “Lola,” is smart and reserved, “Betty” is romantic and positive, and “Tina” is daring and creative. “Become the woman you want to be through makeup and change your personality,” says Bukey. “I love the idea of becoming someone else through makeup and hair.”

Below, watch all four characters come to life—played by Bukey, naturally.