[#image: /photos/58539bab57dfc3b0230f86af]||||||Seeking a more grown-up artistic outlet after years of creating illustrations for children’s books, Brooklyn-based artist Sophie Blackall found inspiration in an unlikely—dare we say even dodgy—place: the Craigslist Missed Connections site. “I collect other people’s discarded shopping lists and the things left between pages of books,” Blackall explains. “I’m a terrible eavesdropper. When I stumbled upon Missed Connections it was the perfect fit. Small glimpses into strangers’ lives, packed with mystery, pathos, beauty and humor.” Since last March Blackall has whipped up about twenty-five drawings, each depicting an oddly whimsical subtext to postings that often ring with, well, more desperation than romance. Says Blackall, “I look for the lyrical, “Billowy Red Scarf Girl” or the funny, “Hipster Chick Who Passed Gas.” Rendered in lovely jewel colors with a Gorey-esque attention to detail, Blackall’s “MC” drawings will be collected later this year in a coffeetable book. Until then, however, the Australian-born artist is selling signed $40 prints on etsy, and more are available to view at