Davy Crockett was there. So was Marie Antoinette. And Madonna, circa her Desperately Seeking Susan days. Time travel, it’s a blast, isn’t it? For a select 600 it certainly was Thursday night when the Frick Collection held its annual Young Fellows Ball, sponsored by Donna Karan New York. This year’s theme—there’s always a theme, get with it—was “Dance of Time,” pegged to the museum’s current exhibit “Precision & Splendor: Clocks and Watches at the Frick Collection.” And so a fellow dressed as a red-suited pirate, a girl sporting black bunny ears (the Easter Bunny’s dark twin? A macabre riff on time in Alice in Wonderland?) and a woman with a tiara covered in miniature clocks mingled with Rockefellers and a Mellon. Not all guests got the memo—perhaps to their fashionable salvation.


“We’re on time,” shrugged jewelry designer Lisa Salzer of her chic sequined J Crew sheath and her boyfriend, Marlon Taylor-Wiles’, sleek J Crew tux.

The champagne flowed and dried up. Folks switched to gin and took to the dance floor whose soundtrack was helmed by Hannah Bronfman and included Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own” and Pitbull’s “Back in Time.” Indeed.

Photos: Billy Farrell Agency