[#image: /photos/58538706d3b7a5db18f3b655]||||||Last Wednesday night, there were so many security guards at Rock and Republic's party at Beatrice Inn that it was only natural for partygoers to assume a major celebrity was en route. It turned out, however, that the strongmen were there for the jeans company's top execs, Andrea Bernholtz and Michael Ball, who apparently bring guards with them wherever they go.

Upstairs, LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy spun his favorite old-school disco anthems. Despite top billing on the invitation, he seemed itching to head off to his next gig, at Santos' Party House, a new club in Chinatown. He explained that he and the band's drummer, Pat Mahoney, are holding a biweekly party series there, called "Special Disco Version."

[#image: /photos/585387076666b2eb4762d983]||||||"I just hope that people get as excited as the place warrants," said Murphy as he flipped through his collection of vintage vinyl. "It's actually nightlife people putting it together, rather than money people."

DJing after him was downtown it-girl Harley Viera-Newton, who was hanging out with 21-year-old realtor-to-the-Olsens Jared Seligman (subject of a profile in W's May issue). As it turns out, Harley and Seligman are next door neighbors, and Seligman told us that Harley had just been signed to Elite model agency.

Eventually, a security guard-worthy celebrity actually did make an appearance. Around 11 pm, the recently rehabbed Kirsten Dunst showed up, slouching discreetly beneath a fedora.

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Top left: DJ Harley Viera-Newton; top right: James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem.

Photos by Sasha Filimonov