Zendaya Got Her Wisdom Teeth Out and It's a Whole Journey For Twitter

New year, new mouth! Zendaya just got her wisdom teeth out, practically a rite of passage for young adults, and posted the hilarious results on social media. Make-up free and fuzzy from painkillers, Zendaya still looks great, but blessedly un-glamorous as she tells the camera about how her mom had to take the day off of work to take care of her. And while the rest of Hollywood gets as gorgeous as possible in preparation for this weekend's Golden Globe awards, it's honestly refreshing to see a star looking just a little puffy, the way we mortals sometimes do. Does everyone have to be rage-inducingly pretty at all times? What hath Instagram wrought?

Zendaya had the surgery on January 3, but only blessed us with footage of the aftermath on Friday, first tweeting, "Debating on whether or not I should post this wisdom teeth video on ig, cause I look a hot ass mess..." and then giving us a preview of her post-op lewk:

And while still feeling "weird but better," she recorded some Instagram Stories that are now saved as a highlight, so you can go watch them any time.

Highlights include her mother realizing that she's talking to her phone, Zendaya touching all parts of her face to check where she is numb, and an iconic discovery: "my lips are hella soft though...shout out to moisturization."

Instagram: @zendaya
Instagram: @zendaya
Instagram: @zendaya

Later, she took a nap with her dog and woke up feeling more clear-headed. And if you're about to complain that Zendaya isn't as high as your typical viral video victim, well, maybe that's just part of the joke. As she wrote, "Posted my update on ig stories but there’s a couple more vids from right after the surgery that are cracking me up...I’ll post them later. It’s not as funny as the ones you see on here usually cause I’m actually making sense, but still, it’s funny to me lmao...Coming soon lol"

Still cute tho.

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