9 Stylish, Sustainable Beauty Products to Shop Now

a model in a red dress hiding behind a large tropical plant
Photographed by Juergen Teller

Whether a casual consumer or beauty enthusiast, you may be hearing the word “greenwashing” pop up a lot lately. You’ve also probably seen it: companies spending more energy on claiming to be sustainable rather than actually committing resources to innovative packaging and environmental initiatives. Still, there can be a lot of misinformation out there—for example, not all glass is automatically eco-friendly (thanks, Charlotte Palermino)—making the waters for consumers who do want to shop a little more consciously even murkier. The best way to be truly environmentally sound would be, well, to stop buying new products, but that’s not necessarily the most realistic stance, especially for the beauty-obsessed. And while sustainability is not an instantaneous process by any means, we’ve rounded up a few of the best recycling programs, thoughtful packaging, eco-friendly initiatives, and more to help you get started, here.

F.MILLER Face Oil, $85,

For luxurious face and body oils, look no further than F.MILLER. Their ingredients are ethically sourced and the brand has a “down to the last drop” philosophy, meaning none of your precious product goes unused. Plus, all of the packaging has been made to reduce trash, through recyclable bottles and stoppers and shipping materials made locally from post-consumer waste.

Axiology of the Earth Balmies, $36,

Take a trip back to grade school with these cute multi-use crayons from Axiology. Simply peel away the paper as you go, then recycle the carton when you’re done.

Kindred Black Hot Blooded, $125,

With unique concoctions like Lilac Pomade and Sunlit Rose Salve, Kindred Black’s apothecary products look like something straight out of WitchTok. Everything comes in hand-blown glass bottles made in Oaxaca, so the containers are perfect for home decor long after you’ve finished, plus they’re a part of 1% for the Planet.

KLUR Skin Soil, $40,

Founded by makeup artist and aesthetician Lesley Thornton a decade ago, KLUR is a sophisticated skincare brand that focuses on sustainability in both its products and packaging. If you’ve been sleeping on enzyme cleansers, the brand’s Skin Soil is a great introduction.

Brujita Skincare Purple Reina Facial Scrub, $26,

Set your calendar for Brujita’s restock August 27th—this Latina-owned LA-based skincare brand is well worth the wait. All of their products have rave reviews, but their Purple Reina Facial Scrub is a fan favorite. Additionally, the brand’s Full Body Lotion contains sustainable Palo Santo oil from the tree fruit in Ecuador and donates 10% of body lotion proceeds to Nature and Culture International, “an organization determined to conserve and protect rainforests, indigenous communities, and endangered plants such as Palo Santo.”

AYOND Rock Rose Serum, $130,

Companies don’t just have to commit financial resources to create an impact—look no further than AYOND’s recycling program. In addition to their own recyclable and biodegradable packaging, if you gather your old droppers, pumps, and caps (for AYOND or any other brand) and mail them back, AYOND will do the rest. A personal favorite? The Rock Rose Serum.

Cocokind Resurfacing Sleep Mask, $22.

Cocokind is a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, which means constantly reassessing improvements to their existing packaging, which you can read more about here. Plus, their bestselling Sleep Mask is the perfect way to improve your skin while you sleep.

Fluff Casual Cosmetics Cloud Collection, $82,

Not all smart packaging choices have to end up in the recycling bin, however: these stylish compacts from Fluff are endlessly refillable with bronzers and lip tints and would look great on any vanity.

Nécessaire the Deodorant, $20,

Beloved by experts and influencers alike since it came on the scene in 2018, Nécessaire offers gentle products for the body. All of their packaging is made from recycled plastic or post-consumer waste, they are climate-neutral certified, and also participate in 1% for the Planet. If you’re not sure where to start, the brand just released their popular sandalwood fragrance as a clean cream deodorant.