Ten Soothing Scents to Elevate Your WFH Space

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Animation by Tilden Bissell for W magazine, photos courtesy of Malin + Goetz, Cinnamon Projects, Vitruvi, The Nue Co, Nette, Gilded and Commune Design.
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Finding a functional work from home setup is one thing, but turning it into a soothing space where you actually enjoy spending time? That’s another task entirely. It’s no surprise that the sale of scented candles, incense, diffusers and more has skyrocketed during the pandemic as people spend more time at home. But finding the right scent for your mood can sometimes prove a chore, especially when you’re shopping online. Here, we’ve compiled the best relaxing, energizing and all-around good-smelling products to help you feel a little more creative during your day—and to unwind after you’ve logged off.

The Best Fresh, Herbal Scent

You’ll feel like you’re in a midsummer garden the minute you light this candle with notes of mimosa, cucumber and basil. It’s frequently sold-out, but available for pre-order now.

A Non-Hippie Incense

Made in a 180-year-old shop in Kyoto, Japan, these smokey sandalwood sticks are a sophisticated alternative to your usual candle.

A Refreshing Diffuser Oil

With grapefruit, lavender, peppermint, and ginger, this energizing essential oil blend from Vitruvi is perfect for when you need to perk up in the morning.

The Best Woodsy Scent

Take a trip to the Muir Woods with this resinous, woodsy scent that actually replicates phytoncides, a molecular compound produced by trees that can help reduce stress, anxiety, and boost the parasympathetic nervous system.

Stress-Relieving Citrus

This citrusy scent is a known stress reliever—burn this new release from Malin + Goetz for a little extra relaxation.

The Best Spicy Scent

Matching your Moroccan Amber candle to your afternoon Chai—what’s more soothing than that?

The Chicest Room Spray

A luxe linen spray from this French fragrance house is just what you need to elevate working from your couch (or bed).

An Sophisticated Sampler

This variety pack from Cinnamon Projects lets you sample scents named after the hours of the day from 7 AM (black tea, clay, driftwood, marigold) to 8 PM (carnation, leather, mahogany, tobacco).

A Candle that Doubles as Home Decor

As much a statement piece as they are heavenly scented, these refillable marble candles from Gilded are on many bestseller lists.

Three Adorable Mini Sprays

Keep things fresh—literally—by rotating through Aesop's three signature room sprays in this cute gift set.

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