12 High-Performance Beauty Products to Boost and Reset Your Workouts

A woman lifting dumbbell during her workout
Photo by Zoran Milich/Getty Images

Like most workout apparel, the current crop of high-performance beauty products on the market are designed with function at their core. Take, for example, Alo’s recent entry: the ath-leisure company renowned for its comfy yet ultra-chic yoga gear debuted a six-piece Ayurvedic skincare set, featuring amla, a potent antioxidant with skin calming and brightening benefits. Meanwhile, Lululemon’s foray into self care ranges from an “anti-stink” deodorant to a “speed up, cool down” body lotion to support their customers’ skincare concerns pre-, mid and post-workout.

Even pro athletes have gotten into the mix—who better to know what a sporty gal needs? Last year, tennis superstar Venus Williams partnered with Credo Beauty, the green beauty emporium, on a clean sun defense brand, Eleven by Venus. Fellow multiple Grand-Slam winner Naomi Osaka’s new line Kinlò follows the same philosophy, but with a specific eye toward the melanated set.

While you’re pushing yourself to the limit to get back into shape, don’t forget some self-care love. Whether it’s in the form of a cool-down face wash after a hot yoga fix, a mane-refreshing spritz, or a comforting tush cream after a long bike ride, we’ve lined up a slew of products that promise to help you perform—or at the very least, unwind—on your get-fit journey.

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Slather on the label’s arnica-enriched lotion after a grueling sesh—it sinks in quickly to alleviate any aches.

Feeling warm after a set? The menthyl in this lightweight gel cleanser gives skin a slight cooling effect.

Improve definition in your biceps and triceps with anti-inflammatory probiotics that de-puff flab, and marine extracts that tone and tighten.

Infused with apple cider and micellar water, Sunday II Sunday’s root refresh spray is the perfect alternative to dry shampoos; great for when you don’t have time to wash your locks post-workout, it removes sweat and oil without stripping your hair.

Reset and unwind an overworked bod with this apple cider vinegar and turmeric-laced soak, which helps calms inflammation.

Protecting every inch of our skin—from our head to our toes—when working out outdoors is a must. As a follow-up to her game-changing, clean sun protectant, tennis pro Venus Williams served up a mineral-based SPF balm in 4 sheer tints this spring.

Massage a mentholated ointment or gel onto sore muscles for quick relief. Indie Lee’s lavender-scented iteration relaxes your mind as well as your joints.

Kosas’ aluminum-free deodorant banishes BO using a bunch of skin-saving goodies—such as lactic acid, peptides, and hyaluronic acid—usually reserved for a regular skincare routine.

Studies show caffeine can enhance athletic performance as well as endurance. Nue’s natural formulation is derived from Brazilian guaraná, maca root, and goji berries to give a kick—without the jittery comedown.

If you ride a Peleton in search of buns of glory—but instead, develop buns in pain after just half an hour, try this tush savior containing a conditioning cushion of oils and waxes to protect your rear. It minimizes a seat burns, rashes, friction, and sweaty cheeks by using a comforting melange of botanical extracts and shea butter.

These biodegradable towelettes are a great way to quickly freshen up when hitting the shower right after a workout isn’t an option.

This new moisturizer seeps right in instead of lying on the skin’s top layer, thus mixing with sweat. Added prebiotics help balance skin’s microflora.