Dakota Johnson Goes Blonde Like Mom Melanie Griffith For Her Latest Role

Dakota Johnson at the LACMA Art + Film Gala at LACMA on November 6, 2021 in Los Angeles, California....
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Actress Dakota Johnson is known as a sultry brunette, but for her new film Daddio, she was willing to go blonde. Photos of her from Tuesday, December 20, show a new platinum ‘do for America’s favorite nepo baby. She also appears to have possibly gotten a pretty dramatic chop, wearing her hair in a long bob with bangs. Either that, or it’s a good wig.

The images were taken on set in New Jersey as she worked with co-star Sean Penn, who is so far the only other actor listed in the film’s cast. It’s directed by Christy Hall as her directorial debut. According to Deadline, the movie is about a woman who lands in New York City at JFK and gets into a yellow cab. Her driver, Clark, strikes up a casual conversation that soon gets much more serious:

What begins as amusing chit chat quickly takes a turn towards mysterious and playful, then grows into viscerally honest revelations about relationships, sex and power dynamics, loss and vulnerability. This contained yet kinetic drama explores the complexities of human connection, and proves that a chance encounter with a total stranger can change a person’s life.


While Johnson usually sticks to her brunette locks both onscreen and off, she’s famously from a lineage of iconic Hollywood blondes. Her mother Melanie Griffith and grandmother Tippi Hedren were more often blonde than not throughout their lives and careers.

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Johnson has been working on a number of projects lately, including her own starring entry in the genre of super hero films. She was photographed this fall during a shoot for Madame Web, in which she plays the titular character. She and co-star Sydney Sweeney were seen in Grand Central Station and on the streets of New York in their ordinary citizen personas.

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In these photos, Sweeney has also undergone a hair transformation, but she seems to be playing it safe with her strawberry blonde wig. If Johnson’s dye job isn’t real, it’s pretty convincing and also very au courant. Bella Hadid just went blonde as well. If you’re thinking of taking the bottle blonde plunge, this is the moment.