Emma D'Arcy Debuts Negroni Red Hair

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 16:  Emma D'Arcy attends the GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2022 at The Mandar...
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Emma D’Arcy seems to like Negronis so much, they’ve dyed their hair the color of the drink’s main ingredient, Campari. D’Arcy debuted the new hair color while attended the 2022 GQ Men Of The Year Awards. They paired the follicular statement with a black leather bomber jacket and matching loose leather pants by Alexander McQueen, along with a pair of black boots featuring some metal toe details. D’Arcy was ready for the red carpet and an impromptu motorcycle ride.

They had a no-makeup makeup look, with flawless skin and pale lips. But their bright Campari red hair brought a pop of color to the look, along with a small black bag with a wraparound chain and some silver jewelry.

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D’Arcy is known for their long blonde locks on the HBO dragon show, and they told GQ that hair is a big part of their style, whether it’s a little hair in real life or a lot of hair as Rhaenyra.

“The word I used when explaining it was that I am almost ‘allergic’ to lots of hair,” they said. “I think the art of wigging is complete magic. They are made for you, so they fit your head perfectly. The illusion is seamless. Immediately, a good wig changes your behaviour, your posture, but also, fractionally, it changes how you are read and perceived.”

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D’Arcy also said that they understand Rhaenyra as a character from the perspective of bucking gender roles.

“I was drawn to Rhaenyra because I saw a person who, from a young age, was sort of obsessed with masculinity,” they said. “Part of that is an appreciation for the space afforded to men. As a child, my hyper-awareness of gender presentation was the same as Rhaenyra’s. I craved the right to take up space in the way that I saw men doing naturally.”

D'Arcy was one of GQ’s honorees at the event, a list that also included Louis Theroux, Joseph Quinn, Kit Connor, Joe Locke, and Sydney Sweeney.