Natalie Portman Sees Downtime as the Purest Form of Luxury

The revered actress shares her beauty secrets—including her go-to facialists, favorite lipstick shades, and monthly acupuncture sessions.

Natalie Portman wearing a red Dior gown
Courtesy of Dior

“I’m not always confident, but I like to remind myself that there are much larger concerns in the world, and that my own feeling about myself matters most,” Natalie Portman tells me. That kind of confidence she exudes—along with her noted humility—is evident not just in her professional life, (which has led to countless accolades, including three Oscar wins since 2005), but in her personal life as well. As one of the most respected actors in her field, conquering a wide swath of both dramatic and commercial films, the Harvard-educated New York native has also been active in supporting important charitable causes across the world. Unlike many of today’s most visible figures in her industry, her private life is exactly that, and her peers frequently remark on her true, professional, and grounded nature on set.

This raw integrity and concern for the world (and, perhaps, her striking physical appearance), has made her the perfect face of Dior Beauty for years. Her most recent campaign, which celebrates the brand’s Rouge Dior Forever Lipstick, launches today. And while we always like to say that the internal is always far more important than the physical, makeup is a transformative tool that assists in empowering individuals. We had a lovely beauty chat with Portman about her own makeup and skincare favorites, including her go-to lipstick shades—and why spending time in nature is absolutely necessary.

Do you wear makeup during the day when you’re not working?

Generally, I use makeup sparingly and prefer a natural look for my everyday style. Most days, I’m quickly using my Dior Forever Skin Veil SPF 20 to prime my skin, protect it, and correct imperfections. It also gives a radiant finish that can take me from day to night. I love my Rouge Dior Balm 000, Dior Natural Satin finish, and usually do a quick swipe of Diorshow Iconic Overcul 090 Black Mascara and Rouge Dior 100 Forever Nude Look before running out the door.

What is your evening skin routine?

Every night, I wash my face with Joëlle Ciocco, which smells amazing. I also moisturize with Tata Harper oil or cream depending on what I have on.

Dior has launched this beautiful, vivacious new line of lipsticks. Do you have a favorite to wear on your downtime and why?

For everyday life, I really love 100 Forever Nude Look. It’s the perfect combination of grey and beige for a new, contemporary nude.

Does wearing red lipstick embody any particular feeling for you or not?

It does! Whenever I wear red lipstick, I feel a little stronger and a little more confident.

Do you wear red lipstick when you go out and are social in your personal life?

When going out to parties and events, it can vary depending on the look. I always love doing a more natural eye, beautiful skin, and my 999 Forever Dior for a bold red lip. It’s really my go to night-time look.

A look from the new Rouge Dior Forever Lipstick campaign.

Courtesy of Dior

You have two young kids—and I remember when my two youngest were small, it was very challenging between work and just being a mother no matter how much help you have to take some time for yourself. Do you have moments where you say to yourself that you need to slow down?

Yes. Allowing myself moments of not doing anything is the truest luxury. But also, that balance requires an acceptance that I do everything imperfectly and that I’m always tired.

How do you wind down after a long day and center yourself?

I try and sleep eight hours a night. I find ways to be in nature regularly, I really enjoy cooking, and I do love a guided meditation. I also read a lot. I’ve always looked to books as an escape and love immersing myself in a new story. It’s also the perfect way to help me relax at night so I usually read a bit before going to sleep.

What is in your toiletry kit when you travel?

I like Joanna Vargas masks and Tata Harper moisturizers.

Who do you find to be an intriguing beauty?

I’ve always loved Sofia Coppola’s style and aesthetic.

Do you get facials? Who’s your go-to?

Yes, I do—Thuyen Skincare in New York and Joëlle Ciocco in Paris.

What about taking care of your well-being and energy?

I try to get massages or acupuncture monthly.

Is there one product you can never live without?

Yes, sunscreen!

Where in the world are you most relaxed and feel your best?

I love to be in nature and soak in the beauty, away from the everyday stress.