Sisley’s Ecological Compound Is the Secret to Flawless French Girl Skin

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Everyone’s skin changes constantly throughout their lives, and mine is no different. For better or worse—and whether due to excess wine consumption, smoking Marlboros, or taking preventative steps like exfoliation and Botox—the condition of the largest of organ on the human body is a living, shifting thing. Thankfully, there’s one product in my medicine cabinet that has been an unwavering success, delivering consistent results for nearly three decades: Sisley’s Ecological Compound.

I might say it too often, but I’m a firm believer that product rotation is key for skin to properly respond to the products you love. I’ve used the Ecological Compound for 25 plus years now—regularly and in rotation—and unlike unpredictable exes, the economy, and wayward politicians looking to get reelected, there are never any surprises with this product. It tones, it firms, it miraculously minimizes the rare rashes or breakouts that pop up on my face. It has simply never let me down.

The compound is less of a cream and more of a fast-absorbing face lotion that can be used on its own, or as a serum. Like most of Sisley-Paris’ products, it uses the power of plant botanicals, and this specific face compound is formulated with ginseng, rosemary, and horsetail to heal the skin. I’m convinced it’s a reward for my teenage years, when I suffered from acne and stress breakouts.

I initially encountered the product during my teens, when I received it as a mercy sample stuffed into my shopping bag during college. The women at the makeup counters took pity on me, knowing that buying lipstick and blush were a splurge on a student’s budget. I remember being amazed by the results the first time I used it. It made my skin clear, soft, and glowing—and still does to this day.

For a long time, I thought Sisley was my little secret. I loved purchasing it for my friends so they could discover it, too. It wasn’t until I took it to France years ago as a gift for my friend; she informed me all the women with great skin use it there. I’ve come to realize that it’s far more under-the-radar in America. It’s not the in-your-face, hyped kind of skincare you’ll see on TikTok or Instagram. There’s no celebrity branding, no heavy-handed advertising campaigns. And it may fall on the pricier spectrum of products, but one glass bottle lasts me about five months (no wonder one is sold globally every minute). The Sisley Ecological Compound does what it does well and maintains a devoted following from people who truly prioritize their skin care, mercy sample stuffing or not.