The Perfect Liquid Highlight Bridges Makeup and Skincare

Westman Atelier’s new Liquid Super Loaded turned one makeup-averse purist into a convert.

An image of the Westman Atelier Liquid Super Loaded
Courtesy of Westman Atelier
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Humor me for just one moment: I am a girl who does not wear makeup. I don’t flaunt this fact, because if it is brought up, the responses I receive are frequently skeptical or disbelieving. I’ve always been a skincare-first person—my mom rarely wore makeup when I was growing up. Seeing her put on the occasional dusting of eyeshadow or touch of lip product didn’t exactly make me a YouTube beauty guru in adulthood. I believe, in another life, I was a French woman; their approach to makeup focuses on enhancing natural features rather than hiding them. So when I discovered Westman Atelier’s new Liquid Super Loaded, it was the skincare-forward, natural beauty-enhancing makeup I needed all along.

This liquid highlight lets your natural skin show through, enhances the complexion, and adds life to your overall visage. Wear Westman Atelier’s latest release on its own, layer it under foundation, or simply dab some on the high points of your face for a quick glow-up. My favorite part? This is technically a skincare product—Liquid Super Loaded has a concentrated blend of antioxidants and nourishing oils, including vitamin C, camellia and avocado, all of which promote long-term, bare-skin benefits. As a person who has always shied away from makeup—especially foundations and concealers because they dry me out—this is a welcome change.

While it’s helping you appear as though you went on an impromptu vacation to the Croatian coast, Liquid Super Loaded also improves your skin texture, evening the tone, brightening, and hydrating at once. All three shades from the range serve a different purpose for me: Peau de Rosé lifts my skin, Peau de Pêche gives a more uniform tone to my face, and Peau de Soleil feels and looks like the sun gave me a smooch. All of this to say—I’m a convert on my way to becoming a beauty guru.