The Best Twitter Reactions to the 2022 Oscar Nominations

Twitter reactions to oscar nominations
Universal Pictures/Instagram/@beyonce

On Tuesday morning, the Academy summarized a year of movies in just 24 categories when they announced the 2022 Oscar nominations. After a season of award shows and press, the film organization had the final word on the films of the year. As always, there were snubs—like House of Gucci’s near absence from the nominee list—and surprises—like The Lost Daughter’s Jessie Buckley getting nominated—but in the end, we were reminded that the Academy is a pretty predictable voting body.

Just as soon as the nominations come in, the opinions followed. Quickly, Twitter filled up with reactions from the public, as people shared whether they agreed with the Best Picture noms, Aaron Sorkin’s absence from the Original Screenplay category, or Bradley Cooper’s absence all together. The number one point of grief among Twitter, however, seemed to be Lady Gaga’s lack of a nomination for her role as Patrizia Gucci and House of Gucci. After spending months in character, completely immersing herself in the role, and then giving us the most chaotic press tour of all time, many worried Gaga would be devastated by her lack of a nominations, and suddenly, thousands of memes were born.

But while Gaga fans reeled, fans of the nominated rejoiced, namely the Beyhive, who celebrated Beyoncé’s first-ever Oscar nomination for her song, “Be Mine” for King Richard. There was also the inclusion of Kristen Stewart in the Best Actress category, something that seemed uncertain after the SAG Awards failed to recognizer her for her work in Spencer. Basically, every one of the Academy’s decision elicited a tweet from the public, making for a very fun afternoon on the platform.