Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver Sung in Very Compromising Positions for Annette

Cue up a million eyeball emojis.

CANNES, FRANCE - JULY 06: Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver attend the "Annette" photocall during the...
Daniele Venturelli/WireImage/Getty Images

While much of the country is suffering through a heatwave, Marion Cotillard dropped some information on us that will make it even steamier. Adam Driver fans, get ready to fan yourselves because Cotillard would like us to know that he has a hidden talent with his tongue. In their new dramedy-musical film, Annette, Cotillard revealed that Driver sings live while simulating oral sex with his mouth. Please use that knowledge accordingly.

“On most classic musicals, you record your songs in advance and then you do playback on the set,” explained Cotillard at the movie’s press event during the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, as reported by Insider. Director Leos Carax insisted that the actors sing the songs live as the cameras were filming, leading to acting skills that weren’t taught in drama class. “We found ourselves singing in very complicated positions, doing back-crawling or mimicking cunnilingus; acrobatic positions that technically modify your song. But that was the effect Leos was looking for, he wanted the voices are modified, thwarted, by [reality].”

In other words, as Driver was singing through his take, his tongue was performing an act of its own. Considering the orgasm gap in movies, it is refreshing to know that Driver is normalizing female pleasure and kinks; Annette also reportedly includes scenes of sex and “sensual tickling.” But Tickled (2016) this is not: the film centers around a married couple and their creepy child. It has been acquired by MUBI for distribution in the United States, for those lonely nights at home.