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The Barbie Movie: Every Wild Look From the Film’s Set

The internet has been eating up images of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling from the set of Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie film. Here, we track every outrageous Barbie and Ken—and friends!—fashion moment.

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Back to Work Barbie

Robbie’s latest look on set is much more toned down than the previous ensembles we’ve seen her in. The actress was spotted filming a scene where Barbie begins her first day at a new job, and apparently, she found some more work-appropriate clothes for the occasion.

Ken Klein

The first shot of Ryan Gosling as Ken caused quite the stir online, mostly thanks to the actor's newly-bleached hair, washboard abs, and cutoff jean vest. And that's not even mentioning his Calvin Klein-esque "Ken" undies peeking out of his light-wash jeans.

Pretty in Pink

The first time we saw Margot Robbie in character, she was in this two-piece set in the doll's favorite shade. The star-covered bell bottoms and matching vest were finished off with a neck tie and, in some shots, a cowboy hat, turning Robbie into Western Barbie.

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Yee-Haw Ken

Robbie was later joined by Gosling, who himself was in a Western look, featuring a fringed shirt with a pink necktie and white cowboy hat.

Roller Derby Barbie

A day of rollerblading of course calls for matching neon ‘80s-style outfits, complete with neon knee and elbow pads, skates, and a fanny pack for Ken.

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Barbie’s Normal Pal

As of now, America Ferrera’s role in the film is still unknown, though she seems to be a friend of Barbie’s from photos of them rollerblading together. Her outfit, though, which features a multi-colored button down and dark pants, implies she may not be a doll herself.

A CEO in Pink

Even Will Ferrell, who is playing the CEO of Mattel, got in on the rollerblading action and brought the Barbie pink with his shirt and tie—while still keeping things professional.

MEGA/GC Images

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