Cameron Diaz Has Officially Emerged From Acting Retirement

Cameron Diaz comes out of acting retirement
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

The drought is over. After living eight full years without a new Cameron Diaz movie in our lives, the actress is officially returning to acting in a new film with Jamie Foxx, simultaneously quenching our Diaz thirst and uniting the two for their third film together.

Diaz and Foxx will star alongside each other in a Netflix action-comedy film, Back in Action, a fitting title as it will be Diaz’s first film since 2014. Foxx announced the news on Twitter on Wednesday, sharing the audio of a phone call between the two actors. During the call, Diaz says she’s “excited,” but admits “I don’t know how to do this.” That’s when Foxx adds a third member to the call who can help Diaz, Tom Brady. “I was talking to Jamie and he said you need a few tips on how to un-retire. I’m relatively successful at un-retiring,” Brady says, referring to his decision to retire from football earlier this year, only to go back on that decision a little over a month later.

It’s notable that Diaz’s return to acting includes Foxx, as they worked together on Annie back in 2014, Diaz’s final film before her retirement. The pair also worked with each other in Oliver Stone’s 1999 film football drama Any Given Sunday (a film that proved both actors’ dramatic chops at a time Hollywood wasn’t taken either that seriously outside of comedies). “@iamjamiefoxx only you could get me back in action,” Diaz wrote on her Instagram Stories, sharing the video of their phone conversation.

As of now, we don’t have too much information on Back in Action. According to Variety, this film will be directed by Seth Gordon of Horrible Bosses and written by Neighbors’ Brendan O’Brien. Foxx is executive producing the project, which is set to begin filming this year.

While Diaz hasn’t acted since 2014, she didn’t announce her retirement until four years later, when her The Sweetest Thing costar, Selma Blair, let it slip during an interview before Diaz confirmed the news to Entertainment Weekly. She later elaborated on her decision, saying she wanted to “take responsibility for her own life” after feeling “infantilized” as an actor. “I needed to become self sufficient again,” she said. “I really needed to know that I could take care of myself and that I knew how to be an adult.”