Chloë Sevigny Secretly Married in an Iconically Chill Outfit

Photographed by Nolan Zangas; styled by Allia Alliata di Montereale.

Chloë Sevigny is a married woman. In fact, she has been for exactly a year today. She’s just kept her nuptials to art gallery director Siniša Mačković a secret until now. The pair appeared to have tied the knot in a casual city hall ceremony that took place just days before New York City shut down for the pandemic, and when Sevigny was over seven months pregnant.

For as much as Sevigny has an iconic fashion presence, it also tracks that she’s not the kind of bride who would necessarily be too fussy about a traditional wedding gown. In fact, that she wasn’t—according to the photo she uploaded with her Instagram announcement—underlies her authentic style charm. In lieu of white silk, Sevigny wore a full-sleeve black turtleneck, a black skirt, black boots, and black leggings. (“I was more of the bodycon pregnant girl because I was like, ‘Oh I can finally just let my belly hang out. It’s cute,’” Sevigny once told W of her pregnancy style in general.) The only nod to bridal tradition is a white veil and a simple bouquet of flowers. Indeed, it was Mačković who looked the more expected part of the groom, albeit with some twists.

Sevigny and Mačković were first publicly linked in 2019, but the gossip columns weren’t aware of how serious the relationship was until Sevigny announced that she was pregnant in January 2020. In fact, Sevigny only ever hinted at the possibility of marriage and that the pair were even engaged when she offhandedly described Mačković to W as “father of my child, baby daddy, boyfriend, fiancé, all of the above” over the summer. Turns out, he was legally her husband at the time.

Their son Vanja Sevigny Mačković was born about two months later on May 2nd. Rather than hightail it out of town like many celebrities amidst the pandemic, Sevigny pointedly stayed put in the city throughout the final months of her pregnancy—as if there was ever any question that Sevigny would both get married and give birth in Manhattan. Indeed, her equivalent of a honeymoon took place in Manhattan, too. The day after the wedding, the pair attended New Group’s 25th-anniversary gala.

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