A Photographic Guide To Everyone Colin Farrell Has Dated

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Colin Farrell in the film 'Minority Report.'
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Colin Farrell has always had star power and charisma to spare. Since making his Hollywood debut in The War Zone in 1999 and winning critical acclaim for Tigerland in 2000, Farrell quickly situated himself as one of the town’s hottest up-and-coming leading mean. Though, he also made a name for himself as one of the world’s most famous bachelors. At the height of his bad boy-dom, the actor had flings with Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, as well as a rumored fling with Alexander co-star Angelina Jolie. Farrell even once revealed he had a romantic relationship with Elizabeth Taylor at the end of her life, before being spotted out with Rihanna, proving that he is not one to have a “type.” His recent on-stage flirtations with Ana de Armas at the Golden Globes briefly recalled his lathario days, though (spoiler alert) he’s certainly settled down in recent years. Here, a look back at his most public relationships.

Amelia Warner
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Farrell married actress Amelia Warner in a non-legally binding ceremony in 2001 during a vacation to Tahiti.

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The duo, who appeared on many red carpets together, split less than a year later.

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Warner has now been married to Fifty Shades star Jamie Dornan for almost a decade.

Michelle Rodriguez
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Farrell met actress Michelle Rodriguez on the set of 2003’s S.W.A.T., and were rumored to be party mates for a time.

Kim Bordenave
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Farrell dated model Kim Bordenave, on left, for nearly two years, during which the two welcomed a son.

Angelina Jolie
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It was rumored that Angelina Jolie approached Farrell during the filming of their 2004 movie Alexander.

Britney Spears
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Farrell arrived at the premiere of 2003’s The Recruit with Britney Spears, but claimed the two were only friends.

Nicole Narraine
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Farrell also dated Playboy playmate Nicole Narraine for a while in the ‘00s. Though, there relationship was kept mostly private (until it wasn’t).

Lindsay Lohan
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Farrell and Lindsay were often spotted together around 2004, even appearing on Saturday Night Live to spoof the rumors.

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There were rumors that Farrell and Rihanna were dating back in 2011, though Rihanna’s camp vigerously denied them at the time. The pair did however appear on The Graham Norton Show together the previous year,.

Carmen Electra
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Farrell moved on from Spears and Lohan to Carmen Electra briefly in 2006.

Lake Bell
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After Electra, Farrell was spotted out with Lake Bell while filming Pride and Glory in 2006.

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The two quickly became red carpet official, including an event supporting ASPCA in New York in 2007.

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The pair were all smiles at the premiere of Pride and Glory.

Alicja Bachleda
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By 2010, Farrell had moved on to Polish actress Alicja Bachleda, his co-star in the film Ondine.

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The pair stayed together for nearly two years, before breaking up in 2010. Though, the pair have one son together, who was born in 2009.

Kelly McNamara (AKA “Mystery Woman”)
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However, since 2016 Farrell has been linked in the tabloid press to someone originally known as just a “mystery woman.” It was later revealed that the woman, Kelly McNamara, works for the band U2, and the pair have been quietly together for a while now. Farrell opened up about the relationship on Ellen back in 2017, saying, “My girlfriend she travels a lot as well with work so often times we’re two ships passing in the night but we make sure to find a port that we can, you know, rendezvous at.”

He’s since kept the relationship out of the public eye. In fact, it’s unclear whether or not the pair are still together.

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