Gigi Hadid and Tan France are Teaming Up to Host Netflix's Next in Fashion Season Two

Tan France and Gigi Hadid Next in Fashion season 2
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

At this point, Gigi Hadid’s resume must be pages long. She has graced every magazine cover and worked with every major brand through the years, but she is not done taking over the world of fashion. Soon, the model will be able to add host to her long list of accomplishments when she takes over Alexa Chung’s post and joins Queer Eye’s Tan France as the co-host of season two of Netflix’s design competition show, Next in Fashion.

France announced the news of the show’s new season and co-host on Instagram, with a post featuring photos of him and Hadid. “Who would have thought when we met over Facetime 4 years ago (thanks @evachen212) that we’d be hosting NEXT IN FASHION TOGETHER!” France wrote, thanking Instagram’s Eva Chen for the introduction. “You read that right! The secret’s out.” France also revealed that casting for the second season of the show is now officially open for those interested in competing.

Hadid is not a stranger to reality shows. Of course, she basically grew up with her mom on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she has also guest starred on a few other competition shows in her time, including the current season of Project Runway where she was recently a guest judge. Considering Hadid has been surrounded by fashion and beautiful designs for a majority of her life, the new gig is fitting, and really, we should have seen it coming. Last year, the model did tell i-D she felt it was time to pivot away from modeling in order to leave room for “a new face.”

In the interview, Hadid expressed her feelings of accomplishment when it came to her career, explaining that she didn’t need another magazine cover. “Where can I make way for that next generation and focus my energy and time on something else—something that is obviously still in this world but is fulfilling for me, creatively, and different?” While at the time, Hadid was speaking of designing herself, it seems like she has settled up joining in on Netflix’s search for the next big designer in fashion.

As of now, there is no word on when season two of the competition show will air, but since they are just now casting, we probably won’t expect it for awhile. Season one of the show, premiered in January 2020, starring France and Alexa Chung. As of now, it is unclear if Chung will be part of season two.