All the Craziest Moments from the Gossip Girl Season Two Trailer

A still from the show Gossip Girl
Photograph by Barbara Nitke/HBO Max

It’s been about a year since we last saw Constance Billard’s finest (and most chaotic) students, but in the world of Gossip Girl, only a few weeks have passed since Julien Calloway and the anonymous Instagram account joined forces and turned a New Year’s party into a reckoning of gossip in last year’s finale. Season two of the HBO reboot picks back up in the second semester of the students’ junior year, and while it seems like some things have settled since the great Gossip Girl Reckoning of 2021, your favorite Upper East Siders are just as deranged and well-funded as ever (a pairing that will most definitely not end well). In the first official trailer for the new season, we get a glimpse at what’s to come when we return to the Met steps, and unsurprisingly it’s unhinged. Below, we break down the seven wildest moments from the trailer ahead of the show’s return on December 1st.

Julien is apparently hooking up with a married guy.

Where does a high school junior meet a married man? And what kind of married man gets involved with a high school junior? Answer: a creepy one. Either way, despite Julien denying her ongoing involvement with this betrothed man, it seems clear that she is very much lying.

They head to Europe at some point.

The trailer moves pretty fast, but those look like European streets that Zoya, Obie, Audrey, and Aki are mopedding down.

Men run shirtless through the Guggenheim.

Have these kids no respect for the arts?? At least they aren’t glueing themselves to any paintings.

Photograph by Barbara Nitke/HBO Max

Monet is on the war path.

The idea that one of the Queen Bee’s workers decides to rebel and attempt to take over the popularity throne isn’t too crazy in the world of Gossip Girl. In fact, more infighting in season one may have made the season more compelling, as, in many ways, Julien wasn’t really delivering the Blair Waldorf character we initially expected of her. Now, though, it’s clear that Monet is about the bring all the drama, cutting remarks, and sabotage we desire, and it’s looking like an all out war is brewing between these two former friends.

They go to the Met Gala.

Who let these teens into the Met Gala? Anna Wintour would never. No, literally, no one under the age of 18 is allowed to attend in real life.

Whatever the case, Julien just so happens to attend the event in the same Oscar de la Renta dress Taylor Swift wore to 2022 MTV VMAs.

Charli XCX makes an appearance.

Charli has gone through enough, can we keep her out of this mess please?

Photograph by Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max

Georgina Sparks is back.

We’ve known for a bit that Michelle Trachtenberg would be reprising the role of Georgina Sparks in season two of the reboot, but seeing her back in action is all a Gossip Girl fan needs to really get excited for this season. She just entered the scene and already, she’s seemingly figured everything out, including who’s behind the Gossip Girl account. “Did you know that you have four weak points of entry and a very pliable super?” she asks after surprising Kate in her own apartment. Welcome back Georgina, you were very much missed.