Watch Gwyneth Paltrow Learn What "Snatched" Means in Real Time

Gwyneth Paltrow attends the 2020 Writers Guild Awards West Coast Ceremony
Amy Sussman/Getty Images for WGAW

Gwyneth Paltrow is entering her new era of influencer queen. In a matter of minutes, the mind behind Goop debuted her first unboxing video and learned what the term “snatched” means. Next thing you know, she’ll be partnering with Fashion Nova and starting a video with, “So a lot of people have been asking about my skincare routine,” though it might be the only time in history that statement is actually true.

On Thursday, GP took to her Instagram Stories to show off her delivery of Fendi x Skims apparel. Apparently, Paltrow decided the occasion was the perfect time for a debut unboxing video, so she dives in, opening up the magenta box with some anonymous help (one can assume it’s Paltrow’s teenage daughter, Apple, who is walking her through the process).

Always a perfectionist, throughout the unboxing, Paltrow checks in with her daughter to make sure she’s handling the situation well. “Do I keep filming?” GP asks, only to stop the video when she gets approval from Apple.

The next clip shows Apple holding up a piece of shapewear for the camera. “What is that?” Paltrow asks with genuine wonder. “This is so you can get nice and snatched,” Apple responds, but this just leads to more confusion. “What is snatched?” Paltrow yells out, sending Apple into a fit of laughter.

The pair then get distracted by some itsy bitsy bras courtesy of Fendi x Skims before they return back to Paltrow’s previous query. That leads to a clip of Paltrow herself, holding a nude-colored bodysuit in front of her. “I have now learned that ‘snatched’ means I am killing it (?),” Paltrow writes on the video. Apple asks her mom to “do the pose again” and GP strikes what she seems to think is a “snatched” face for the camera, but resembles more of a blue steel.

Paltrow asks, “Is this going to make me snatched?” to which Apple responds, “One hundred perfect. It’s going to snatch the house down.” Now come on, Apple, I think that’s enough modern lingo for GP today.

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