Harry Styles’s Grammys Ensemble Was Ever So Slightly NSFW

Harry Styles performing at the 2021 Grammy Awards
Photo by Kevin Winter via Getty Images

Nearly 24 hours after Harry Styles made a splash 2021 Grammys on Sunday, the discourse surrounding his array of faux fur boas is still going strong. There was one in chartreuse, topping off a black leather suit worn sans shirt. There was one in lilac, worn accenting a deep V-neck sweater vest. And, last but not least, there was one in black, lending Styles a formal air as he did press.

One would naturally suspect that beneath those boas was a strand of Styles’s signature pearls. Instead, the singer accessorized with what appeared to be a simple silver crucifix. It wasn’t until the boa frenzy began cooling off that another detail emerged. Styles’s head-to-toe Gucci look included a version of a sterling-silver interlocking G necklace, which the house characterizes as “a message about leaving behind fashion’s old rules” and portrayal of “uninhibited freedom of expression.” And a very phallic one at that:

The $450 accessory—christened “the banana necklace” by an eagle-eyed faction of fans—has made at least one prior appearance around Styles’s neck. Unfortunately for his fellow free spirits, Gucci now lists it as unavailable. You could always channel the singer with some pearls instead, though they won’t make nearly as much of a statement—especially when paired with a crucifix, on the eve of Pope Francis banning priests from blessing same-sex unions.